The West Highland Terrier

The Westie, or the West Highland White Terrier, is compact, agile and very quick. It has been known to be an excellent little hunter, unshed in Europe for fox hunting. It is very loving and loyal, and it is not afraid of anything.

Character of the Westie

Having a Westie in your home is like having a constant ray of sunshine, a clown about the house, a dynamic member of the household.

Westies are playful and highly trainable. They are great burglar alarms as are the "Scotties", they will be the first to let you know if a stranger is near or if there is something abnormal about.

Neither the Westies nor the Scotties are known for barking without cause. They generally get along well with all types of animals.

As with all terriers, they have characters, but they're primary desire is to please there family.