Dogs Breeding

Our love and passion for Westies began with our now " retired " but in a great shape, Alice. Alice was brought into our home to provide companionship for our four years old daughter who was having problems sleeping alone.

What we did not realize at the time was that " Baby Alice" was just that ; a puppy, not housebroken or trained ! So, I quickly realized that we now had two babies at home.

Our desire to breed Westies began when a family friend expressed an interest in purchasing a puppy for his daughter. I offered to give him one of Alice's puppies; we liked the experience of whelping at litter, and that's how our breed days began.

We kept a female from Alice's first litter named "Juliette ". At this time, I decided to put a professional spin at the situation. We purchased a male "Romeo" and our first registered female "Lyly Blanche".

As if the Westies were not enough, through a family friend, we were introduced to the Scottish terriers! It was love at the first sight!

So, we purchased "Lulu" in Quebec, our first breeding female, then Bibi, our stud and we imported two beautiful registered pups from France : Bozo a wheaton coloured and Bébette, a superb black and very adorable female.

Our passion for the "Blacks" and the "Whites" was born. We now own twelve dogs who share our home and farm with our goats and horses.

We don't breed to show, our dogs live in complete freedom roaming our land, swimming in our pond, enjoying our walks in the forest.

Keeping the westies pure white is quite a task !! But we are firm believers in "freedom first ". A visit to our home is worth a thousand words !